Sustainability and Toys

June 7, 2007 at 11:14 pm Leave a comment

Over the past couple of days I’ve been considering the overall direction of this blog by taking a long-term look at what I hope to achieve with it in a year’s time.  Yes, it is meant to be a personal branding experiment.  A piece of the puzzle that when fully put together will comprise my brand, that of Justin Davey.  At the same time though, the blog is just one piece, the one that forms the textual basis of the brand.  I may chronicle the brand development here, but much of it will be brought to life elsewhere.  So, as I’m looking at this now as a project to develop only one facet of my brand, I aim to focus more on discussing business from a “high-touch, high-concept” perspective.  Two area of focus I’d like to add to the blog are sustainability in all its niches and toys.  Yes toys, children’s toys.  Living with my two nieces, ages one and three, for the past six months has shed some light for me on the power of the children’s toy.  The power of design evident is some, the way some toys seem to interact with the child, and the way some toys just seem to positively affect the cognitive development of a child every time they play with them really just fascinates me.  What I really aim to do with the whole toy focus though is to apply some of the observations I have in that area to the world of business.  After all, one of the Conceptual Age aptitudes is Play!


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