The Future of the Super Bowl Ad

June 7, 2007 at 7:59 pm 1 comment

I was flipping through the Wired blogs this morning and came upon a story entitled, “MyBowlAd Leverages Social Media For Mainstream Ad Buy” about three young and rather innovative thinkers: Mark Timms, Evan White, and Robert Howie

Check out their website at MyBowlAd.  These three are taking the usually creative Super Bowl ad game a few steps further.  A 30-second ad slot costs about $2.7 million dollars for next year’s Super Bowl.  There hope is to sell off 1-second slots at $100,000 each to make up the advertisement which will feature the three guys and a veritable superstar line-up of recent internet hotshots such as Gary Brolsma, Justin Kan, and Justine Ezarik.  They also aim to sell off 5-second t-shirt ad placements for $30, 000 each and 2-second t-shirt ad placements for $15, 000.  The kicker is the t-shirts will be worn by celebrities and most certainly featured on international television.  They’re already off to a great start and, just as this article goes online they have, according to their countdown clock, 228 days to sell off the remaining spots.  Evan White, the PR guy, was kind enough to let me interview him about the project today.  Here is what he had to say:

Justin:  Could you give us a little bit of history as to how you guys met as well as how and when the Super Bowl ad idea came about?

Evan:  Mark and Evan met through Evan’s work on other online projects like and Mark came up with the idea, called Evan, told him about it, and it blew up into all of this. The idea keeps changing and growing, with the central theme of many small companies in 1 ad on the biggest media day ever. Evan and Robert met in college! They never had class together, but drank beer and shot darts pretty often. When this came up, Evan knew Robert would rock at it, and brought him in.

Justin:  Do you have a strategy to market the idea beyond the website? Through interviews such as this?

Evan:  Yes! We have done interviews with online, radio, and even a few tv shows! This keeps growing, and some pretty HUGE talk shows are even talking about having the 3 of us and all the stars on the Monday after the Super Bowl! Think Morning, New York, and Big!

Justin:  If this succeeds, how do you guys think it will impact your future careers?

Evan:  When this happens, I think we’ll all be taking a break on a beach in the South Pacific for a while.

Justin:  How do you guys go about getting such a great group of Internet superstars together for the ad?

Evan:  Evan knows most of them. And the rest we just ask! Plus, we’re always looking for new fun Celebs that want in on something fun like this… Do you know of anyone?

Justin: This idea is an extremely innovative leveraging of social media. Where do you guys think social media is headed and how do you think it will it be used in the future?

Evan: Wow, good question. Social media and online projects are going to keep on growing and evolving. People don’t really watch TV any more, they watch youtube and the links their friends send them. This is a way people can create their own entertainment! Social media sites like are ways for this to reach even larger groups of people.

Justin:  Do you guys have an idea of how the commercial will play out or does that have some dependency on those that purchase the advertising space?

Evan:  We have a pretty good idea, but we wont really know until all the ads are bought. Think Bob Dylan  meets The Broom Game meets lots of Internet Stars and Logo Shirts!

Justin:  Is the ad space pre-purchased or does it’s purchase depend on businesses purchasing your advertising space?

Evan:  We are 3 guys that don’t drive new cars we’re dependant on our sponsors; however, we are in conversations with FOX weekly, and they like our idea and are pulling for us!

Justin:  If this succeeds, how do you guys plan to leverage your inevitable fame?

Evan:  Maybe by finding these guys – Who Are These Guys-or something else fun like making the world’s first mile long crocodile mile

Justin:  I noticed on Mr. Howie’s web page he has some pretty visible connections. Are you guys using this avenue as a market for the idea?

Evan:  You’ll just have to wait and see… It would be pretty cool huh?

Justin:  Going through some of the press you’ve got already, you seem to have the odd critic. What do you guys have to say to those critics?

Evan:  See you at the Super Bowl!

That’s Evan White had to say!  I’ve got to say I love the sarcastic confidence of these guys.  I just came across their story today and I’ve never met any one of them, but I have complete confidence in their ability to do what they’ve set out to do.  I’ll be following their story in the coming year!


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