What Brand Of Coffee Are You Drinking This Morning?

July 21, 2007 at 7:24 am Leave a comment

Like most of us I begin every morning with at least one cup of coffee, preferably two if I have time.  As I learn more and more about sustainable practices in the corporate world, I’m starting to see the need to transfer some of my business values into my everyday personal life.  I’ve started to really pay attention to choices I make that would be second nature to me before.  Purchasing coffee would be one of those choices.  Never before have I actually thought about the origin of the coffee I purchase at the grocery store.  Or whether or not the producer of that coffee was fairly compensated for it.  Now, as I’m consciously trying to evaluate my purchase decisions, I’m really looking into those things.

So, lo and behold, as I wait for my coffee to finish brewing this morning a couple of new articles from Green LA Girl were in my inbox.  One of the articles, the 6-Step Program For The Caffeine Addicted, describes how to “get on a sustainable, alert-but-not-wigged-out caffeine high”.  Not at 6 step plan for quitting, just some suggestions for making more informed purchasing decisions.  Interestingly, I learned that the coffee brewing in my coffee pot at the moment probably consists of “twigs, dust and floor sweepings” and even if I were to like foreign matter in my coffee, I should be boycotting the producer of the coffee due their part in increasing the supply of coffee, resulting in lower prices and dirt poor small coffee farmers!

Learning something new everyday!


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