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A few days back I plugged in a new blog that’s been high in the WordPress rankings since day 1: Earth2Tech, a blog launched by the GigaOm Network devoted to the discussion of emerging clean technologies and startups.  Editor Katie Fehrenbacher, also a writer for the popular tech blog GigaOm was kind enough to do a short email interview for me despite her hectic schedule.  Here it is:

Q.  Tell us a little about yourself. Your CV if you will.

A.  I’ve been a journalist based in the Bay Area for the past 5 years. I’ve been writing for GigaOM.com (which covers broadband technology) for about a year, and a reporter at Red Herring for 2 years covering silicon valley and tech. Before that I was an editor at Engadget.com writing about gadget technology. And before that I was a reporter for a big Japanese newspaper in their Silicon valley bureau called the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Q.  Why should we read Earth2Tech?  How is it different from other cleantech blogs?

A.  We are focusing on the business of clean tech and highlighting the new startups. We are also writing for a group of readers across our network that has a history in IT, and the Internet, so we can connect that knowledge to the clean tech space. Our style is to combine blogging and traditional reporting, so we’ll cover the fast news in blog posts, but also write longer features and trend stories.

Q.  Where is the market headed?

A.   Booming – See Cleantech Venture $$$, Small But Growing.  But also pretty disjointed – some sectors are getting a lot of financing, while others are neglected (water). 

Also investment is in later stage high capital companies so we’ll see how this fairs for returns for investors.

Q.  What are your views on introducing cleantech into developing economies?

A.  Countries like China need cleantech technology innovation to make dealing with their environmental issues economically feasible. China will be a major market for cleantech as well as a major manufacturer of low cost clean technologies. China will also have its share of innovative startups. It is also understandable that there will be many international diplomatic issues when emerging markets are growing rapidly and don’t want to cut back on growth due to changes to fight climate change.

Q.  Bubble?

A.  In certain sectors — solar, biofuels.

Q.  Give us a quick critique of Live Earth?

A.  On the surface it is easy to find irony in Live Earth — preaching one thing that can actually deliver less than eco-friendly consequences. But to totally dismiss Live Earth  basically leads to two arguments: 1) that we shouldn’t do things like put on large concerts or events and 2). attempts at making something more ecofriendly are useless if they fall a bit short. I disagree with both of those arguments. 

Q.  Advice for any aspiring cleantech entrepreneurs?

A.  Clean tech business competitions are some of the best ways to launch a company, find funders and get your name out in the media – don’t underestimate them.

Thanks Katie!  We’ll be keeping an eye on your blog.


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