African Citizens Have Positive Attitude Toward State Of Economy

July 25, 2007 at 8:02 pm Leave a comment

I will continue to refer back to the economic situation in Africa in my postings.  I feel called to serve in that are and whether or not I can do it at the moment, I will continue to chronicle the situation there.  I found this interesting link via  A New York Times and Pew Global Attitudes Survey conducted in the spring of 2007 found that of the 11 Sub-Saharan African nations, 10 of the 11 found the state of their economy to be SOMEWHAT GOOD!  I should mention that the survey replies were a)very good, b)somewhat good, c)very bad, d)somewhat bad.  10 countries had a majority of “somewhat good” replies, with only Nigeria having a majority of “somewhat bad”.  Not surprising given the government corruption and poor leadership rampant in the country.

All 11 countries had more respondents believing that their families were better off financially than they were 5 years ago than options a)worse off and b)about the same.

9 out of 11 countries surveyed had more respondents believing their children would be better off than themselves.  The exceptions were Uganda and Tanzania.

Finally, while the ability to pay for food is becoming more and more viable, all 11 countries could use a huge amount of assistance in paying for basic medical care.  This would go a huge way in allowing these countries respective economies to develop.


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