Structuring The Remainder Of 2007 To Maximize Productivity

July 26, 2007 at 9:14 am Leave a comment

So I’ve been suffering from a little “infomania” lately.  You know, compulsively checking your inbox and your RSS reader, trying to process all of the information you go through daily combing the web for interesting tidbits to blog about.  Even worse, compulsively starting projects until you reach a point that you have so many things to tend to, your head begins to spin and you don’t actually get anything done.  This is my current predicament.  The thing is though, I shouldn’t be in this predicament at all.  I haven’t come up with all 100 goals I’d like to achieve yet, but I have plenty to keep me busy until I do.  So I’ve decided to buckle down this morning and come up with a list of things I’d like to accomplish by the end of 2007.  These are the objectives I will focus on until then and nothing else, unless I happen to complete all the objective before my December 31 deadline.  This is what will occupy my time for the rest of 2007:

  • complete research and first draft of business plan (currently I have several ideas that I’m testing the viability of; one idea so far has been taken off of the viable list for the time being)
  • blog a minimum of 4 postings/week (I really am finding using this blog to explore the business environment is a very useful learning tool, not to mention an effective personal branding and networking application)
  • run 3-4 times/week (I enjoy running first off; secondly, it’s a great way to reduce stress and just feel healthier)
  • keep my daily “life lessons” journal (inspired by Mr. Billings advice in Teacher As Servant, I’ve began to keep a journal with the aim of deriving one lesson out of each day I live.  I hope to pass these journals on to my children once they reach adulthood)
  • finish up my stats course (currently I’m just finishing up the one course as I have some other financial committments that are forcing me to take a break for a bit.  Perfect timing though, as my current employer is going through a major restructuring process and whether or not my job position will survive is unclear; hence I need to time to work on my business plan)
  • organize stock-picking competition on Moving Into The Conceptual Age (I think this will be neat, so stay tuned for further updates on this one)
  • look for some freelance writing gigs to make a little extra money (I enjoy writing alot

This is basically it for the rest of the year.  There are some other projects I’ve mentioned on this blog in the last month or so that will be on hold.  For instance, I began to work on developing a wiki for discussion and collaboration regarding finding viable ways to develop economies in developing countries.  This is something that interests me deeply and will eventually integrate itself into any business plans I have.

Okay, so I’ve set a basic framework for the rest of 2007, but what steps should I take to be absolutely sure they are accomplished.  Here’s a few:

  • develop a project timeline for business plan development
  • check email and rss reader twice daily
  • schedule times to write blog postings and exercise
  • journal at the same time everyday
  • every evening write 3-5 items to accomplish the next day, that once completed are rewritten on the back of the index card (an anti-to do list; taken from the blog of Marc Andreesen)

So there we have it, an extremely simple plan for the rest of 2007 “set in stone”, so to speak.  It’s written down now and I can refer back to it whenever I need.


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